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Building on a legacy of over 30 years of fundraising by the theatre industry, The Make A Difference Trust raises funds for HIV and AIDS projects that build awareness and provide care, support and education in the United Kingdom and Sub-Saharan Africa.


The Trust works with established partners to ensure projects have maximum impact and are sustainable. 


The Trust has distributed grants to support individuals experiencing hardship across the UK as well as grants to support projects with their UK and International partners, to relieve poverty, provide a safe environment and education for children and orphans affected by HIV and AIDS, and to secure the needs of the individual and the greater community as a whole.


MAD Trust have launched free self-testing kits for members of the theatre community, a Peer to Peer support initiative aimed at helping those in the theatre newly diagnosed with, or those living with HIV. We are continuing to expand Are You Positive? our education through theatre programme in to drama schools.


MAD Trust’s philosophy is all about community making a difference: namely the theatre community, working together, using their skills and talents, to help both their own and other communities living with, or affected by HIV and AIDS 


We raise all our funds through the generous support and talent of the theatre community.

Helping At Home

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Learn what MAD Trust is doing to help within the Theatre community.

International Rescue

See how MAD Trust is helping people with projects in Sub-Saharan Africa